In 1587, one hundred
    seventeen men, women and
    children simply disappeared
    and became known as The
    Lost Colony. Sir Walter
    Ralegh's attempt to settle
    Virginia remains one of the
    greatest mysteries of early
    American history. Using
    original accounts, native
    alliances, oral histories,
    naming patterns, archeological
    remnants and reanalysis of
    early maps, author Phil
    McMullan presents his
    theories about the fate of those
    first Americans.
For eighteen months, one man terrorized
America, bringing commerce and a
superpower to its knees, raging onto the
scene and disappearing as mysteriously as he
appeared, yet no one knew who he was
except for the moniker ... Blackbeard.

Until now.

This exciting trilogy weaves acknowledged
facts of Blackbeard's life into the historic
machinations that led to today's world. These
novels shatter any foregone conclusion for
anyone who thinks he knows the story of
Blackbeard.  The incidences surrounding his
death, the colonial hostilities it created and the
iron fist employed by King George to control
them began a sixty-year process that
eventually led to the American Revolution,
giving credence to the cliché that one man's
terrorist is another man's freedom fighter.
Bounded by the Albemarle
Sound on the north and
the Pamlico Sound on the
south, the Blacklands of
Northeastern North Carolina
boast some of the most
productive agricultural soils
in the nation. But throughout
much of its history, this
region - filled with murky
swamps and impenetrable
wilderness - has defeated
many an adventurer trying
to tame it.
North Carolina's
Blacklands Treasure
the story of the determined,
steadfast and downright
stubborn pioneers who
turned this seeming
wasteland into a bountiful